Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year 2009

Last year Noelle and I were granted the ability and opportunity to many great things. However, I am reminded of Mother Teresa's quote, "There are no great things to be done, only small things with great love".

Noelle and I just returned from Indonesia with Verne and Rahel Ward (Verne and I housed together in college). We were their with 11 multi-cultural students to talk about adjustment back into home culture. We met, we played, we shared and we experienced much love. It was good to meet together and read through 2 Timothy together. Timothy was someone that the students were able to relate too.

Some of the greatest things that the students learned from this trip were
- To fan into flame the gifts that God has given you
- Life is difficult and you are not alone, it is important to ask for help
- I'm not alone in the struggles of identity and culture shock

It is important that we as adults learn from kids. They are very gracious to other and to them self, they enjoy having a good time and see good times as more important than meetings and they are willing to do what is asked of them, simply because we expect them to follow through (we often just get mad because it did not happen right away, or it wasn't perfect, but generally they do it and we often don't acknowledge their work).

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Homecoming in Hong Kong

It took me a little by surprise to enter my hotel lobby and have a colleague tell me they had met someone from Nampa who knew me. I was taken aback, but managed to say George Zickefoose? Ryan Roberts? She said, "nope, a Waller".

My immediate thought went to my former professor and pastor, Gary, but then I remembered what conference I was at, International Children's Educators Conference, and thought it would make more since if Dennis, the educator rather than Gary, the pastor, was at the conference. 30 minutes later I was at the conference registration table grabbing 28
name tags and welcome bags only to turn around and see Dennis and Linda Waller. I first met them at NNU while I was a student there in the Social Science Education Department.

However, they were not the only
NNU people I was to reunite with. Ryan and George, mentioned earlier, administrators at Taejon Christian International School were also there. So there we were at International Christian School of Hong Kong 6 NNU alumni or faculty reunited (Noelle, Sam, George, Ryan, Dennis and Linda).

That alone would be a homecoming or sorts, but no, life had to get much more interesting. On the first day of the conference I lined up for lunch, which by the way was not the best meal I ever had (but they were cooking for 900 people so I guess I understand), and as I turned to see how long the line was behind me, I screamed, ok maybe screamed is a little exaggerated, but I did yell "Mr. Culp". that's right Mr. Culp, my high school chemistry teacher was standing right behind me. He had obviously participated in No Shave November as he was sporting a stylish beard, but I hugged him anyway, nothing wrong with two bearded men hugging when they haven't seen each other or heard from each other in 4 years is there?

Any way, Jeff (Mr. Culp) and I ate lunch with some faculty from ICS Singapore when Jeff preceded to tell them how great a student I was (oh, how quickly we forget) and I preceded to tell them how great a teacher he was (this is absolutely true).

It was pretty fantastic.

For now I will go, but plan to write again soon.

In Him,

Sam for us

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

School spirit Week

I hope to post some pictures here tomorrow. But this is school spirit week at school

Monday- mismatch
Tuesday- Preppy
Thursday- Blue and Gold (our school colors)
Friday- class theme (some PJ's, formal, winter, hip/hop

When I get a chance I will throw some pictures in here. So far it has been fabulous.

Pray for us as staff are turning in their letter of intent to stay for the coming school year or to go somewhere else. We already know about some of the positions that will need to be replaced next year.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

As of late

This past week has been enjoyable for Noelle and I. Last weekend we led 35 of our closest friends and co-workers to Telunas Beach, indonesia for a weekend of rest and relaxation. This was a great time for us to just sit and read, play some beach volleyball, and jump into the ocean. This week I finished a class on principles in counseling, which I thuroughly enjoyed.

This weekend
Friday we got together with a couple of families and had a wonderful Carbo-loaded dinner together as Saturday we competetd in a triathelon, don't worry, for those of you who know my swimming skills, I only did one third of the event, the biking. And the funny thing is, I only did one lap instead of two, and I was wondering why it was so easy :).

Then last night we had 14 8th graders over and Noelle talked with them about William Wilburforce, and then we watched the movie Amazing Grace. It was quite fun. What a great movie.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Been too long

It has been entirely too long! Noelle and I have been too busy, and we have not kept our family and friends back in the states and around the world involved in our daily life here in Singapore.

So, here is a quick update on our life here in Braddell, our new home within Singapore. We have been blessed by our new home and the ability to open it up to missionaries in the area, friends and family. Sam's parents were here for two weeks, a missionary from France was able to get a necessary trip away from Indonesia and stay at our place. A couple from China was able to come here for a conference. A student from Mid America Nazarene University was able to stay here for a week in preperation for his semester in China, and currently some representatives from our home office in Southaven Mississippi are staying here while doing some member care work with our staff. We are truly blessed to have had church in our home numerous times and Noelle has been able to make some delicious food; dessert, dinner and breakfasts.


Our school just had a spiritual life week where we brought speakers in from Senegal for the middle school and high school and brought in a children's pastor from Ohio to speak with our elementary students. This was focused on our theme for the year: TRUTH, LIVE IT, LOVE IT, LEARN IT, TEACH IT. We are praying that students will take steps towards God through meditation and prayer and that their lives will be transformed through digging into the word to counter doubts about Truth.

Prayer for us:

We are both extremely busy with new roles in the school and need prayer to relieve ourselves of responsibility. We also need prayer for strength because there are many things which we are doing where we need emotional, spiritual, and physical strength to complete. We have been teaching students to live lives of integrity and we pray that we will live this out as they look towards of as models of integrity.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Staff needs

School starts tomorrow. Yesterday was open house. And today I am asking the Lord to grant us a great school year. One that is full of excitement, grace, love and TRUTH. Our theme for this year is based on 2 John 1:1-6 and the banner hanging on the second floor of the high school wing reads : TRUTH: KNOW IT, LIVE IT, LOVE IT, TEACH IT.

This year we as a staff will seek to model Christ's love as He continues to work through our lives. We pray that our students may be a blessing to their peers and to the community of Singapore by exhibiting Christ's Love and Grace and the Truth that comes through knowing Him in everything they do.

As we enter school tomorrow we will be without an integral part of our program here. Our music teacher is feeling led to stay at home this year which leaves us without a music teacher. Please pray that our students will be able to learn music this coming school year. Please pray that the Lord will bring to us a fantastic teacher and lover of music. If you know of someone who would be a great music teacher (k-12) please have them e-mail me at about the opportunity to serve the coming year(s) in Singapore.

News report of Singing group

Friday, August 8, 2008

Sam and co-workers

I have never thought of myself as a singer. I was in choir in high school and in college, I love making up new songs with people who play the guitar and I believe I am above average on the ability to sing in tune. However, I love singing in the shower more than any other place. So when Jason and Peter asked me if I would join them for ShowerOK I thought what a fun idea. ShowerOK is a karaoke competition staged in a sound booth (shower) and located in the 1st floor of the biggest mall in Singapore. Jason, Peter and I sang to Suspicious Minds by Elvis. However we would have performed better with our first choice (which was not available) Looking Out my Back Door, by CCR.

If you would like to look at our video and vote for us we would appreciate it. (to vote you must be living in Singapore, sorry).

But whether you want to view our video or vote for us you can see us performing at

search for videos: our group name is Captain Crunch and the Funky Bunch.


Friday, August 1, 2008

High Class stainless steel chopsticks series

I am not known as the world best typer. But the following, found on the back of a chopsticks set, is not bad typing on my part it is how the product is explained. I am not sure I can adequately explain what I mean, but here it goes.

Usage elucidation:
- This product packing front through heat super a cleaning, In bar of conveyance, sales process contaminative, make Please use the liquefied detergent cleaning with the front.

- This product can put into the heat or super a wave of Disinfect the cupboard.

- This product is long after using, if have the dirty mark, please use Toothpaste or go to the dirty liquid cleaning, Doing not use sand soap or steel wire ball violences washes, To keep clean.

Hope you enjoyed that. My parents are taking it back to the states to place on display (or give as a gift to Josh (my brother))

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Parents in Town

Some of you may know that my parents have come with us to Singapore this time back. They plan on being here for 12 days (they wish they could stay longer) and spending as much time with us as our schedule permits. This is a busy time of year for us, Noelle is trying to help out the new middle school principal with beginning of the year stuff, she is also needing to meet with her Bhangra team to practice for a big dance competition that have in Malaysia in one month. She is two months behind on preparation. I am working on helping new staff and faculty get comfortable in a new country and trying to get everything set up and ready for the coming school year as counselor. So far my parents have eaten with us in Little India and Chinatown and have spent an entire day wondering around Fort Canning Park and the National History Museum. It is great to have them here with us and are excited about their desiring to come back again sometime soon.

Please pray that Noelle and I are a good example to the people we meet in our new apartment complex. We want them to see the Love of Christ in our lives that their lives may change. To Him who is able to do, immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine.

In Him,

Sam for us

Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Place in Singapore

Friends and Family,

We have moved once again into a new place. Our good friends Wilson and Esther Phang have moved back to the states for a few years and we are taking over their flat (apartment). This place has a very western feel and we are soo excited to live on the 24th floor of Braddell View on Braddell Hill Road. Below are some pictures from the place. We are currently in the United States helping to advise new teachers with Network of International Christian School get adjusted and prepared for their ministry overseas, so we had one of my students, Mimi, take these pictures for us.

Guest Bedroom: Please come and visit! :)

This is our new car. We thank the Lord for the opportunity to buy a small car to help with the ministry opportunities we have. It is not cheap to have a car in Singapore and we are praying that we will use this car for God's glory so that the cost is justified by kids coming to know the Lord more.

Noelle's kitchen. These counters are our height :)

Our office part of our Office/Other Guest Bedroom

The Bed part of our office/Other guest bedroom

Master Bedroom. No bedframe yet.

The entertainment room. Seats 9 comfortably. Movies, video games, board games, music...the fun just keeps coming.

home to the future dining room.

Living Room. You can see the big windows and how much sunlight comes through. It is really great.

Front door with our IKEA chair.

Buffet just outside the Office/other guest bedroom and the kitchen.

Look at the height of those cabinets. Yeah!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


We are here in Memphis now. Pre-Field Orientation will be starting tomorrow and we are excited. Please pray that we stay in good health and allow the Lord to use us this week with wisdom and discernment. We will be advising new teachers who within the next month will move overseas to a new place to start a new adventure, just as we did three years ago. We have a phone number here in the United States. If you would like to call us, our number is 360-606-5825. If you have AT&T we can talk for free, if you have some other phone service it will cost us 10 cents a minute. Love You All

Sunday, June 15, 2008

In Alaska

Friends and Family,

We are in Alaska now. We arrived in the late morning on the 12th of June and have been staying with Andrea (Noelle's sister), Matt (Andrea's husband) and Kyla (Matt and Andrea's daughter) We drive out today after church for Seward, Alaska where Matt's parents have a sailboat. We will meet Mom and Dad West (Noelle's parents) in Seward and spend a few days with them on the Peninsula. We fly out to Seattle on Thursday night Friday morning. I will attach a couple pictures of Noelle and her niece because she loves her so much. Look forward to seeing you all at some point this summer.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Great two nights

The last two nights have been truly fantastic. Thursday night we celebrated as 15 of our students walked across the platform to receive their diploma. That makes our schools graduates reach a grand total of 118 in our 15 years of existence. Tonight Noelle and I, along with our director and his wife were given tickets to the symphony by one of the parents at our school. We had some of the best seats in the whole concert hall. We were 16 rows from the conductor, dead center. Awesome!! We watched and listened to a Slovanian Composer and choral group join together with local youth (one of our students, thus why we received the tickets) and the orchestra was I believe mostly Singaporean. The performance was Lord of the Rings and although I was probably the only individual in the theater who had never seen Lord of the Rings, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Pray for us as we are super busy with packing up one house, checking out of school and moving in all in the next few days.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Prayer for the week

Friends and Family,

One of our students flew out on Friday night, back to his home country of Bangledesh.
He was a tremendous young man with loads of analytical abilities and a heart to do what is right. He is of a different religious faith than the majority of our student body and this was a struggle. I think it was good for our Christian students to talk with someone who questioned them on their faith. This young man and I grew very close and it is sad to see that he is no longer with us. Please pray for him as he is back in his home country; that we in some way have shown him the love for Christ, and that in time he accepts God's Grace.

Pray also for Noelle and this week as we enter the final week of school before Finals. Noelle, being a middle school teacher actually doesn't give final exams, but this is still the last week of instruction as next week is party time and class bonding trips.

We look forward to coming back to the States on June 12th. We hope to see many of you.

In Him,

Sam for us

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Father/Son, Anniversary, Jr/Sr Banquet, Graduation

May 9-11
The Father/Son retreat in Port Dickson was fantastic. It was great to see 18 fathers and their son(s) play together, talk together, eat together, burp together and pray together. It was great for me to see wise men give advice and insight to their young sons.

May 15th
Noelle and I have now been married for three years. We had a very unique anniversary dinner in which we joined the rest of our staff at the Yaucht Club on Thursday May 15th. Our annual faculty dinner is where our departing staff are acknowledged for their year(s) of service in Singapore. It was also a great way for Noelle and I to spend our anniversary at a fantastic restaurant and with some of our closest friends.

May 17th
The Juniors and Seniors at our school have an annual banquet (like Prom). As the Student Council adviser I am in charge of making sure that the banquet goes according to plan. It was a little weak in attendance this year, but still enjoyable .
may 18th
In April of 2006 I started my Masters Degree program and in November I took the final exam. The program waited until yesterday to hold the commencement ceremony.
After last nights dinner and ceremony I have officially graduated from the SUNY Buffalo with a Masters in Educational Counseling.

Thanks for the prayer and support!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Last Weekend and This Weekend

Last weekend we had a four day weekend because of Singapore Labor day. It came at a great time, Noelle and I are extremely busy and the break, in which we went to Tioman, a Malaysian Island, was wonderful. We went with a great group of friends and co-workers and stayed at a small little beach resort. We were able to snorkel and enjoy the tropics while trying to not worry about the crazy schedule we have for the next month.

Through the craziness of this next month we are trusting that the Lord will continue to give us peace and wisdom to handle major issues that are bound to arise. There have been some big changes at the workplace where Noelle is beginning to take over some of the Middle School Principal responsibilities in addition to teaching full time. I too am busy with different programs and activities. This weekend my hope is that Noelle will get done everything she needs too. I will be leaving on Friday with 39 fathers and sons in order to present at our first ever ICS father son retreat. This is a major issue on my heart. Here in Singapore many of our students rarely see their fathers. Thus this weekend will bring fathers and sons together.

The next weekend (May 16-18) is also a major weekend. Friday will be a senior talk (for those students transitioning away from Singapore), Saturday is the Young Life Garage Sale and the Junior Senior Banquet and Sunday I graduate from University of Buffalo with my Masters in Educational Counseling. This masters degree took 18 months to obtain and although it was a very strenuous process in which Noelle and I had to juggle work, social relationships and
other ministry opportunities.

Please pray that we will continue to make strong relationships with our neighbors, friends and students.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sunday Morning

Sometimes I think people just want a breakdown of what we are doing on a daily basis. So here is a brief breakdown on what we did this last weekend.

School from 7:30-4:30, I spoke in HS chapel about decision making and tied that into transition (our students deal with teachers leaving and friends leaving them every year, not like one or two but 5-10 people who are important in their life leave them every year). Noelle spent the day teaching and after school ran her tumbling program for 4th and 5th grade students. I took three students to the hollandaise club where our Jr. and Sr. class will be having their banquet (like prom but with less dancing and inclusive of dinner). Noelle and i met at the Phangs for dinner and discussion with some of our good friends who will be leaving for the states in June.

Noelle and I watched some ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) videos with some fellow teachers. afterwards we spent a wonderful lunch with Sarah Stevens. Sarah is a fellow Nazarene. This is her first year in Singapore and has been a tremendous help to our high school program. Noelle and i then went to the Butrons house for dinner. Joyce and George are a wonderful couple who are influential in our lives. They have lived in Singapore and Papua New Guinea and give us great wisdom and insight.

we will have church with 3-5 other families. this is a wonderful time for us to connect with fellow believers (some directors of Mission organizations). Noelle will go to Bhangra practice and I have a soccer game at 5PM with Agustin and one of my students, Jeddy.

Right now I am about to brew some coffee for my beautiful bride. (I am also watching some great Italian football (soccer).

In Him,

Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Phone Number

So, one of my friends gave me a MagicJack and I have just downloaded it onto my computer. It is pretty cool. It allows us to have a Vancouver number and make phone calls through our computer. WE can also receive phone calls too.

so call us at 360-718-6454

I hope the number works for awhile and I think it is free. :)

happy talking to us.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pictures from China

Me attempting to do what Noelle does so well.
50 students trying to do what Noelle does so well.
Ben chillin with the Stone Forest police
Stone Forest dude and me chillin
The Men of the ICS English group
Chillin in the Stone Forest with my students
They gave me the instrument and I strummed my way into the hearts of the Chinese people
Why? Because I'm a rock star!
Can you guess what's missing? :(


but i guess Ryan on my shoulder and Tim in pink are ok.

Dave and I in Kunming. It was great to see him and his family again.
Can you believe it? A Wal-Mart Super Center in China. It wasn't quite the same, but still a wonderful experience
Stevi and I at the Stone Forest, I equate this national bark to a grey stone version of Bryce Canyon (just smaller...a lot smaller)
I have no idea what that sign behind me says, I think someone told me though.
This is probably the ugliest picture of me ever.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Returned from China in one piece

Dear friends and family,

I just returned from Kunming, China, a city of 6 million people located at 6,000 ft above sea level and maintaining a climate similar (at least for the week I was in China) to Arequipa (at least for the 6 weeks I was in Peru). There were many times that i walked down the street thinking to myself, man some of these Chinese sure look like some of the indigenous Incas of the Andes mountains (maybe this land bridge idea is legit).

While in China, my group (8 students, 7 adults and one 2 year old) was able to teach english at the Yunnan University of Finance and Economics. We were scheduled to teach 6 classes a day for 4 days, but on the first day a mix up in the schedule only permitted us teaching 3 classes. We split into three groups, and each group presented 2 classes each day, except for monday when we each only taught 1 class. The classes were Volleyball, Bhangra (Indian Punjabi dancing) and Whist (a popular and fairly easy card game). Each class had anywhere from 40-50 students in it, which means we taught a total of 21 classes at 40-50 students each class, meaning that we taught 840-1050 students over the course of 4 days. Each of the students were invited to an Easter program (tuesday and thursday night). On the first night approximately 120 students showed up and on the second night approximately 250 students showed up. Currently my voice is a little raspy because I was the loudspeaker for both of these nights. The first night we were able to play some games in groups of 12, however the room was completely full on Tuesday, so on thursday we were forced (happily so) to improvise. However; both nights some students were able to paint easter eggs, all students attempted to find 24 resurrection eggs hidden somewhere in the small room and both nights were performed the resurrection story through a narrative skit, we also ended the night with the song "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" (which none of the young students knew; thanks to my dad I knew it).

If you have any further questions about this trip please e-mail or leave a comment. I would love to tell you more about this awesome time and let you know how you can help Noelle and i continue to do the Lord's work in Asia.

IN Him,


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dancing all day.

Today at Singapore Expo I attended a conference about world peace. Although I am all for world peace I did not attend for the content of the topic. My dance group Sher e Punjab was a special performance to show northern Indian dance and harmony between the races. Yes I am used for my white skin! :) It was a great evening. The minister or foreign affairs was there along with a crowd of 4,000 people. The highlight was one of the stunts. There is nothing better then being swung in circles like a rag doll! It was quite a show.

Four more school days until spring break. We are feeling the need for some rest. Please keep Sam in your prayers as he will be on a relational trip to China over the holiday. Please also pray for Noelle as she shares the good news message with some of her students on Tuesday.



Thursday, February 28, 2008

This last week

David and Tyson before collection.

Andre before collection. when people give money he gives them a sticker.

Senior girls collecting money for Singapore Red Cross at Holland Village

Who wouldn't want to give money to Red Cross with collectors like this.


Noelle and Sam chilling on the boat. Noelle got really burned after 6 hours on the boat

Eric and Sam loving the sailing experience.

Doesn't the CROC look cool. That is one big sail. The captain and crew of this yacht are from France and spend their entire life on this boat. SOOO COOL!


This was our 4-2 loss to Chatsworth. Our team this season has tied once and lost more than that. I think I was a better player than I am a coach.

Here is the wonderful group of guys I coach. Coach Redin (far right) has beena huge blessing to me and Coach Smith (far left) helps a lot with the endurance aspect of soccer.


15 ICS students and staff participated in the first ever 25 hour 4 square game. ICS is now in the Guiness book of World Records


Greg Reynen Hoists the CROCS sail. It was also his birthday party

This is Cindy in the middle of a birthday sandwich. Greg on one side and Grant on the other

Toya, Noelle, and Cindy enjoying the CROCS sailing experience.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pictures from Singapore

These are some of the cute kids at our school. They are perfoming our Christmas musical
This is a picture of some of our friends (whom we also work with) after the Christmas Program.
This is our staff here at ICS Singapore. We have grown to nearly 400 students and 50 staff
As the High School student leadership advisor I get to party with my students. This is a "Lock In" in which I sucomb to 12-18 hours of staying up all night and entertaining students. Luckily I have a great student council who does most of the entertaining and planning. This month I officially graduated with a Masters degree in Educational Counseling from the University of Buffalo. I have not actually had a graduation ceremony yet, but they promise me it is coming. This is a picture of me and my classmates.
Noelle and I during School Spirit Week

It was Fictional Character Day.

Can you guess who we came as?

Christmas 2007 celebrated for the 2nd consecutive year
at the Hane household. Verne and Natalie Ward were
there, which means we have been with them every
Christmas since we were married.

We took care of this Maltese puppy over Christmas break. The family who owns him (Noelle's Principal) is moving to Argentina next year and giving him away. Should we take him?