Saturday, April 30, 2011

West goes to Manila

West flew for a second time two weeks ago en route to Manila, Philippines.  He joined Sam and Noelle as ICS sent 25 students to help Kids International Ministries. Check out the trip at Manila 2011 and also with the pictures below.

West chillin for the first time in the airplane bassinet

Noelle and West spending some time with some great kids at the Children's Home

Noelle, West and Bandy with a couple boys from the neighborhood

West being held by one of Noelle's new friends

Noelle was able to make some great friends while in Manila
Andrew holding Winston and Noelle holding West  :  ) 

Noelle with a great young girl from the Children's Home. She enjoyed holding West

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Week Without Walls

Friends and Family,

Please follow Noelle, West and I as we help two other faculty members lead 25 students on a community service trip to Manila, Philippines.