Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fleischmann Update

Six Years ago today Noelle and I were going to church as singles for the last time.  One week later, May 15th we were married. Since then we have experienced a many adventures together. Here is a recap of just a few things we have done since May 15th 2005

- Arrived in Singapore July 23rd 2005 (from May 15th-July 21 we were in Boise, Chicago, D.C., Baltimore, Vancouver, Salem, Oregon Coast, Anchorage, Nikiski, Vancouver, Memphis, Vancouver)
-Spent our first Thanksgiving together in Chiang Mai, Thailand
- We traveled with Sam's brother and friend to Banaue Rice Terraces in The Philippines, hiking for two weeks
- School Leadership Trip to Desaru, Malaysia

- Noelle's parents come over for spring break
- Sam started his masters degree
- Spent our first Anniversary at Taco Bell

- Our School moved campuses
- School Leadership trip to Telunas, Indonesia
- School leadership trip to Korea
- Sam spends summer in Cebu with Sports Ambassadors

- Moved from our first apartment into a small HDB near the new campus
- School Leadership trip to Telunas, Indonesia

- Sam's parents come to visit
- Sam completes Masters degree starts as school counselor
- Student Service Trip to China
- School Leadership trip to Telunas, Indonesia

- Sam's mom and sister come to visit. Vacation to Davao City
- Noelle completes her ACSI administration certificate program
- Noelle takes over as Middle School Principal
- Student Service Trip to Indonesia
- Noelle studies Indonesian for two weeks in Batam, Indonesia

- Trips with MS kids to an Indonesian school for service projects.
- Student Service Trip to Manila
- Noelle and Sam lead a trip during Spring Break to So Cal with 9 students

- West is born
- We accept an offer from Hong Kong International School to join their high school faculty: Sam takes a HS Counseling position
- Sam's brother, sister and parent's come to visit
- Noelle's parents come to visit

- Student Service Trip to Manila

May 15, 2005 Gene performs the ceremony with our siblings as the Maid of Honor and Best Man

Married!!!! The start of an adventure

Weeks before little West is born

The view from our new bedroom in Hong Kong. We move to Hong Kong in July

In leaving Singapore, we needed to take West to our favorite holiday resort: Telunas Beach. We strongly recommend everyone check it out.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

West goes to Manila

West flew for a second time two weeks ago en route to Manila, Philippines.  He joined Sam and Noelle as ICS sent 25 students to help Kids International Ministries. Check out the trip at Manila 2011 and also with the pictures below.

West chillin for the first time in the airplane bassinet

Noelle and West spending some time with some great kids at the Children's Home

Noelle, West and Bandy with a couple boys from the neighborhood

West being held by one of Noelle's new friends

Noelle was able to make some great friends while in Manila
Andrew holding Winston and Noelle holding West  :  ) 

Noelle with a great young girl from the Children's Home. She enjoyed holding West

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Week Without Walls

Friends and Family,

Please follow Noelle, West and I as we help two other faculty members lead 25 students on a community service trip to Manila, Philippines.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Sam, Noelle and West were recently visited by Sam's sister Kim.  Kim came over for two weeks. During her time in Singapore she went around the town. She checked out the Raffles Hotel, Marina Bay Sands, Mustafa Center, Sentosa Island where she did the luge three times, Mac Ritchie Reservoir, Pasir Ris Park and much more. Then she joined Sam, Noelle and West on a quick trip to Penang, Malaysia.

This was an exciting time for West, as at 7 weeks old he made his first international trip...thus getting his first stamp in his passport.  B-)

While in Penang, we went to a Bakit craft shop and each made a handkerchief size swatch of of cotton in which we completed the Batik design.  

Today we weighed West and found that he has gained a lot of weight. In fact, at 7 weeks he is now in the 3-6 month clothing group.

Dad and West watching soccer together

 One of the outfits West received was this beautiful onesie with the Bunny on it. He is born in the calendar year of the Rabbit.
 West decides watching Dad watch soccer is just as much fun.
 West posing in one of his favorite locations...the changing table.  He usually smiles while getting his diaper (or nappy) changed
 West and Noelle dressed alike for church.
 West goes to church
 We all kind of dressed alike for church that sunday.
 West takes on the position Noelle has properly called "West on his human". This is West's favorite place to be and this time "his human" is Aunt Kimmie
 This picture is for Agustin.  Thanks for the shirt man.  West liked to play with the snakes head.
 Yesterday Aunt Kimmie styled West's hair...although it is not easy to see in this photo, I have a feeling I will see this hairstyle again at some point in West's life.
 This is Kim claiming she did not style his hair that way  :)
Once again, West has found "his human".

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New post

West has been chilling with his aunt Kim for the past week. Sam is taking the next three days off work to be with West and Noelle is thankful for Sam being at home. Updating via the iPhone in hopes that this will increase my blogging. Hope to get some pictures or videos posted soon

Saturday, February 26, 2011

West Update

West is now 25 days old. Yesterday, Noelle said "in a few days he will be a month old. 12 more months like this and he is a year old, this is going to go fast."  This reminds me of Ernie Thompson and his famous 72 inch ruler object lesson where Ernie showed how much time we have left on life given that 72 years of life is the average (although this has probably changed with technology and medicine).  Time does go by fast and we need to make the most of each day.  Every time I come home from work I look at West and I can tell each day that he looks different, older, heavier.  And in fact, he is heavier. When at birth he weighed 3.475 kg, now he is 4.5 kg.

He is sleeping two four hour stints each night, which is glorious as Noelle is able to get some good rest between feedings.  And now what you have been waiting for...more pictures  :)

Noelle putting West in the sling.
 Grandma West playing with West before she made the journey back to Alaska
 Nate pretending he is carrying West...but really its just a chicken puppet.
 Uncle Josh holding West for the first time.
 Josh and Riley with the lil guy
 Daddy sleeps while West listens to his irregular heartbeat :)
 Daddy and West nap time
 Immigration photo photoshoot
 Immigration photo photoshoot #2
 Uncle Jonathan and Nathan holding West poolside
 Auntie Kim holding West, Kim does a great job of calming him down when he is fussy
Cupcakes for Joy's birthday celebration. Thanks Fisher family

Saturday, February 12, 2011

West has visitors and a photo shoot

Noelle and I are surely blessed with great friends and family.  We have had many visitors come by the house to meet West.  Below are some of their pictures. Also below is West's Saturday afternoon photo shoot.