Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sunday Morning

Sometimes I think people just want a breakdown of what we are doing on a daily basis. So here is a brief breakdown on what we did this last weekend.

School from 7:30-4:30, I spoke in HS chapel about decision making and tied that into transition (our students deal with teachers leaving and friends leaving them every year, not like one or two but 5-10 people who are important in their life leave them every year). Noelle spent the day teaching and after school ran her tumbling program for 4th and 5th grade students. I took three students to the hollandaise club where our Jr. and Sr. class will be having their banquet (like prom but with less dancing and inclusive of dinner). Noelle and i met at the Phangs for dinner and discussion with some of our good friends who will be leaving for the states in June.

Noelle and I watched some ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) videos with some fellow teachers. afterwards we spent a wonderful lunch with Sarah Stevens. Sarah is a fellow Nazarene. This is her first year in Singapore and has been a tremendous help to our high school program. Noelle and i then went to the Butrons house for dinner. Joyce and George are a wonderful couple who are influential in our lives. They have lived in Singapore and Papua New Guinea and give us great wisdom and insight.

we will have church with 3-5 other families. this is a wonderful time for us to connect with fellow believers (some directors of Mission organizations). Noelle will go to Bhangra practice and I have a soccer game at 5PM with Agustin and one of my students, Jeddy.

Right now I am about to brew some coffee for my beautiful bride. (I am also watching some great Italian football (soccer).

In Him,

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Leo and Jen said...

Sounds like your calendar is as messy as ours. No time for breaks when you are a teacher... specially one at a Christian school!