Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Homecoming in Hong Kong

It took me a little by surprise to enter my hotel lobby and have a colleague tell me they had met someone from Nampa who knew me. I was taken aback, but managed to say George Zickefoose? Ryan Roberts? She said, "nope, a Waller".

My immediate thought went to my former professor and pastor, Gary, but then I remembered what conference I was at, International Children's Educators Conference, and thought it would make more since if Dennis, the educator rather than Gary, the pastor, was at the conference. 30 minutes later I was at the conference registration table grabbing 28
name tags and welcome bags only to turn around and see Dennis and Linda Waller. I first met them at NNU while I was a student there in the Social Science Education Department.

However, they were not the only
NNU people I was to reunite with. Ryan and George, mentioned earlier, administrators at Taejon Christian International School were also there. So there we were at International Christian School of Hong Kong 6 NNU alumni or faculty reunited (Noelle, Sam, George, Ryan, Dennis and Linda).

That alone would be a homecoming or sorts, but no, life had to get much more interesting. On the first day of the conference I lined up for lunch, which by the way was not the best meal I ever had (but they were cooking for 900 people so I guess I understand), and as I turned to see how long the line was behind me, I screamed, ok maybe screamed is a little exaggerated, but I did yell "Mr. Culp". that's right Mr. Culp, my high school chemistry teacher was standing right behind me. He had obviously participated in No Shave November as he was sporting a stylish beard, but I hugged him anyway, nothing wrong with two bearded men hugging when they haven't seen each other or heard from each other in 4 years is there?

Any way, Jeff (Mr. Culp) and I ate lunch with some faculty from ICS Singapore when Jeff preceded to tell them how great a student I was (oh, how quickly we forget) and I preceded to tell them how great a teacher he was (this is absolutely true).

It was pretty fantastic.

For now I will go, but plan to write again soon.

In Him,

Sam for us

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Kimberly said...

That's great. It alwasy suprises me what a small world it can be. And so when do I get to see some No-shave November pics?