Thursday, February 28, 2008

This last week

David and Tyson before collection.

Andre before collection. when people give money he gives them a sticker.

Senior girls collecting money for Singapore Red Cross at Holland Village

Who wouldn't want to give money to Red Cross with collectors like this.


Noelle and Sam chilling on the boat. Noelle got really burned after 6 hours on the boat

Eric and Sam loving the sailing experience.

Doesn't the CROC look cool. That is one big sail. The captain and crew of this yacht are from France and spend their entire life on this boat. SOOO COOL!


This was our 4-2 loss to Chatsworth. Our team this season has tied once and lost more than that. I think I was a better player than I am a coach.

Here is the wonderful group of guys I coach. Coach Redin (far right) has beena huge blessing to me and Coach Smith (far left) helps a lot with the endurance aspect of soccer.


15 ICS students and staff participated in the first ever 25 hour 4 square game. ICS is now in the Guiness book of World Records


Greg Reynen Hoists the CROCS sail. It was also his birthday party

This is Cindy in the middle of a birthday sandwich. Greg on one side and Grant on the other

Toya, Noelle, and Cindy enjoying the CROCS sailing experience.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pictures from Singapore

These are some of the cute kids at our school. They are perfoming our Christmas musical
This is a picture of some of our friends (whom we also work with) after the Christmas Program.
This is our staff here at ICS Singapore. We have grown to nearly 400 students and 50 staff
As the High School student leadership advisor I get to party with my students. This is a "Lock In" in which I sucomb to 12-18 hours of staying up all night and entertaining students. Luckily I have a great student council who does most of the entertaining and planning. This month I officially graduated with a Masters degree in Educational Counseling from the University of Buffalo. I have not actually had a graduation ceremony yet, but they promise me it is coming. This is a picture of me and my classmates.
Noelle and I during School Spirit Week

It was Fictional Character Day.

Can you guess who we came as?

Christmas 2007 celebrated for the 2nd consecutive year
at the Hane household. Verne and Natalie Ward were
there, which means we have been with them every
Christmas since we were married.

We took care of this Maltese puppy over Christmas break. The family who owns him (Noelle's Principal) is moving to Argentina next year and giving him away. Should we take him?

Prayer Points

Dear Family and Friends,

There are two specific ways Noelle and I could use your prayer support.

1) Our school started 16 years ago as a school for missionary kids. In educating missionary kids we help missionaries stay on the field. In Singapore the only other international school options are too expensive thus we give scholarships to our students from missionary families. As a school we are on a campaign to raise money to help ensure these missionaries can stay in Singapore. Please pray that the funds come in and that missionaries are well taken care of.

2) Noelle and I have been selected to go to China with a group of students and faculty to do some relational work through teaching English to university students. Noelle will be teaching English through dance and I will be teaching English through the sport of volleyball.

Thank You!

In Him,

Sam and Noelle.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

February 16th 2005-2008

I recently spoke, or to put it more accurately, wrote to a friend about Noelle and I, and how three years ago today I took the wonderful step, though challenging, of telling Noelle how I felt about her.

** I had just gotten off the phone with Dr. Joe Beeson, director in Singapore when I felt the Lord tell me it was time to tell Noelle how I felt about her. You see Dr. Beeson has just given me a job to teach High School Social Studies in Singapore and I wanted Noelle to be a part in my decision option. I took her to Subway for dinner (breaking Subway's door in the process) and proceeded to express my deepest feelings of love to her. She thought I was joking and that Verne was around the corner with a video camera. You see this was two days after valentines day in which I stupidly did nothing for Noelle. After she was convinced I was genuine in my expression, she conferred that she too felt the same. **

After three years, two and half of which have been in a vowed commitment of marriage, Noelle and I are still loving each other and loving what we are doing. Noelle is serving as a wyldlife volunteer tonight, thus I have decided to start our blog. (we have only been talking about doing this for two and a half years now. :(