Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby Shower Pictures

We were blessed last week with a wonderful Baby Shower. Here are some of the photos from that event. Thank Val, Val and Patricia.

Monday, December 13, 2010

It is the end of an era for Mrs. Fleischmann employed at ICS. She will be ending her time here at ICS in order to be a stay at home mom and take care of our little guy when he arrives. He is currently four pounds and is due on February 1st. We have our next appointment on Saturday December 18th.

Last week our lovely staff threw us a baby shower, I did not realize men were invited to baby showers; but the food was good and I am glad I attended. More pictures of this event to come later

Here is a quick picture of Noelle at 32 weeks pregnant. She is standing in the office with our good friend Jenn.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

27 weeks is upon us and I thought we should put up some photos

Noelle was feeling tired today and the little guy is getting too big and causing Noelle some discomfort, but still this pregnancy has been a blessing (only one day being sick so far).

She still looks good, as the photos below show. The maternity clothing store here in Singapore should have accepted her as a pregnant model when she applied, that was a poor decision on their part.

Monday, September 20, 2010

20 Week Sonogram

Last week we went for our 20 week 1 hour long sonogram. Praise be to God that our baby boy looks to be healthy. We are thankful for this blessing and although we were not allowed to take video while they were doing the check up, they did let us take some video of our son after the checkup. It is dark, but enjoy!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Life in Singapore

Well, we are two weeks into the school year and things are going really well. We have a wonderful group of teachers and the students are adjusting in to new routines. Sam has volleyball and soccer practice to lead during the week and plays basketball and soccer with some adult guys. I am not leading any sport or after school activity this semester, but have taken up a new hobby of sleeping a lot! :)

I decided a week or so ago that the house did not have enough green in it, so I have started my very own Singaporean garden! Since we don't have a yard, pots around the house are the next best thing. So far I am growing: basil, mint, thyme, and chili peppers. If I can get these to live, maybe I will expand my garden more.

I have also added a few pictures of things that look common in Singapore, but may be unusual to people in other countries. The view from our bedroom window, laundry hanging out the window and a crowded subway (MRT) are things we see weekly.

Hope all is going well with you. We will get another picture of my growing belly uploaded soon! :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

16 Weeks

Well, we are four months into the pregnancy! : - )

For about the last week Noelle has been able to feel the baby move a little. She describes it like little bubbles popping in her stomach. I am not able to feel this and I am getting a little jealous.

But all in all we are just really excited about bringing this new one into our family. Our next appointment is in the first week of September. Please keep us in your prayers.

Sam for us

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Mathematical Concept

1+1=3 :)

It's true! The day before we left for the United States in June, we found out that Noelle was pregnant. We are currently 15 weeks and 5 days into this new adventure and we're reading lots of new-to-us books : - )

School starts on Tuesday the 17th of August and we are excited about the new school year and the new addition to our family. Please join us in praying for this new blessing.

This is a picture of Noelle on National Day (Singapore's National Day) August 9th...Ok, so apparently, the picture we took on national day is only on an application within the phone and cannot be transferred out...but we will keep you updated with other pictures coming soon.

Ok, until the other pictures arrive, here is the 15 1/2 week ultrasound picture


Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Plans

Hello friends and family. Here are the dates that Noelle and I will be in the states this summer. If you would like to get together, please e-mail us and let us know.

Sam and Noelle
June 16-17 Vancouver, Washington
June 18-22 Mount Vernon, Ohio and Peoria, Illinois
June 23-30 Vancouver, WA., Salem, Or., Lebanon, Or
July 1-9 Anchorage and Nikiski, AK

July 9-18 Anchorage and Nikiski, AK.
July 19 Vancouver, WA. en-route to Singapore

July 9-12 Vancouver, WA. and Salem, Or.
July 13-24 Boston, MA., and NYC, NY.
July 25-26 Vancouver, WA. en-route to Singapore.

I will hit 8 and potentially 9 states this summer in a 39 day period.
Noelle will hit 6 in a 32 day period

Please pray for us.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fun English

I am typing this verbatim from a box I found here in Singapore (an English speaking country).

Product Charcteristics:

1. This product is a new science and technology Product and made with high and new science and technology. It can illuminate only placing it in Rhythm.

2. No need any power no environmental pollution. Low noise and health. Comparing with common torch, it can be several times on lift.

3. Con stantly using this health torch, it can benefit to your pal, arm and shoulder stretching adn blood circulation, so as to let your hands relax and brain clever, hand and brain coor dinate and promote your brain memory and health composition.

Can you guess what is in the box?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Craziness that is our lives

So, Noelle and I were discussing on the drive home tonight just how crazy the day was today March 5th. So here goes a rough hourly breakdown for the both of us.


- 5:30 wake up
- 6:30 leave for school
- 7:30 finish setting up for Spelling Bee (great work Nicole and gang)
- 8:30 Spelling Bee for Middle School
-9:30 Spelling B coming to a close (great job Jeffrey and David)
- 10:30 Watching Akeelah and the Bee
- 11:30 Watching Akeelah and the Bee
-12:30 Finish lunch and head to class
- 1:30 continue grading papers
-2:30 keep grading papers
-3:30 meetings with students
-4:30 more meetings
-5:30 practice swing dancing
-6:30 paperwork again
-7:30 at Princess and Protector event (Father Daughter evening celebration)
8:3o Still at Princess and Protector (tell a story about her father)
-9:30 teach fathers and daughters how to swing dance
-10:30 clean up event
11:30pm grade one last research paper

- 5:30 wake up
- 6:30 leave for school
- 7:30 finish setting up for College Visit (thanks a ton teachers and Mae, Penny and Kay)
- 8:30 5 colleges visit campus
-9:30 College tour for Freshman through Juniors
- 10:30 said goodbye to college reps and started in on e-mail
- 11:30 helped some student council students
-12:30 Discussed GPA's with freshman and talked about their standardized testing results
- 1:30 scarfed down Chicken Rice and did more paperwork
-2:30 Met with University of Wollongong
-3:30 Met with a student and phone interviewed her father
-4:30 continued planning spring break trip to Los Angeles
-5:30 practice swing dancing
-6:30 more paperwork and planning
-7:30 at Princess and Protector event (Father Daughter evening celebration)
8:3o Still at Princess and Protector (involved in a skit where I forgot some lines)
-9:30 Helped Noelle teach fathers and daughters how to swing dance
-10:30 clean up event
11:30pmWrite first blog in 6 months

Thanks for all you do. We love you all