Monday, October 13, 2008

Been too long

It has been entirely too long! Noelle and I have been too busy, and we have not kept our family and friends back in the states and around the world involved in our daily life here in Singapore.

So, here is a quick update on our life here in Braddell, our new home within Singapore. We have been blessed by our new home and the ability to open it up to missionaries in the area, friends and family. Sam's parents were here for two weeks, a missionary from France was able to get a necessary trip away from Indonesia and stay at our place. A couple from China was able to come here for a conference. A student from Mid America Nazarene University was able to stay here for a week in preperation for his semester in China, and currently some representatives from our home office in Southaven Mississippi are staying here while doing some member care work with our staff. We are truly blessed to have had church in our home numerous times and Noelle has been able to make some delicious food; dessert, dinner and breakfasts.


Our school just had a spiritual life week where we brought speakers in from Senegal for the middle school and high school and brought in a children's pastor from Ohio to speak with our elementary students. This was focused on our theme for the year: TRUTH, LIVE IT, LOVE IT, LEARN IT, TEACH IT. We are praying that students will take steps towards God through meditation and prayer and that their lives will be transformed through digging into the word to counter doubts about Truth.

Prayer for us:

We are both extremely busy with new roles in the school and need prayer to relieve ourselves of responsibility. We also need prayer for strength because there are many things which we are doing where we need emotional, spiritual, and physical strength to complete. We have been teaching students to live lives of integrity and we pray that we will live this out as they look towards of as models of integrity.

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Leo and Jen said...

If you would like to send some of your students to mid valley christian academy as exchange students we would be more than happy to relieve some of them from you! Sounds like you are running a regular hotel...what are your nightly rates? Do you get breakfast in bed? We might come if we get breakfast in bed.... and a few thousand dollars under the pillow. We'll pass on the chocolates on the pillow this time. We'll be lifting you up. In fact (speaking of which)... Leo's school prays in the mornings for schools on the ACSI listing of schools. A few weeks ago your school was on the list that morning and Leo thought "Hey, I know people there." It was kind of nice to put some familiar faces to the random school out there in the world. We love you guys! Try to take a breath above water here and there k?.... One might drown if they don't!