Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dancing all day.

Today at Singapore Expo I attended a conference about world peace. Although I am all for world peace I did not attend for the content of the topic. My dance group Sher e Punjab was a special performance to show northern Indian dance and harmony between the races. Yes I am used for my white skin! :) It was a great evening. The minister or foreign affairs was there along with a crowd of 4,000 people. The highlight was one of the stunts. There is nothing better then being swung in circles like a rag doll! It was quite a show.

Four more school days until spring break. We are feeling the need for some rest. Please keep Sam in your prayers as he will be on a relational trip to China over the holiday. Please also pray for Noelle as she shares the good news message with some of her students on Tuesday.



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Leo and Jen said...

So, you must know by now that you can post video clips on your blog too... we are all anticipating watching Noelle thrown around "like a rag doll". Spring break is around the corner for us as well... and much needed. We will definitely keep you two in prayer as the count down continues and specially on Tuesday for the talk. Love you guys!!!