Friday, August 1, 2008

High Class stainless steel chopsticks series

I am not known as the world best typer. But the following, found on the back of a chopsticks set, is not bad typing on my part it is how the product is explained. I am not sure I can adequately explain what I mean, but here it goes.

Usage elucidation:
- This product packing front through heat super a cleaning, In bar of conveyance, sales process contaminative, make Please use the liquefied detergent cleaning with the front.

- This product can put into the heat or super a wave of Disinfect the cupboard.

- This product is long after using, if have the dirty mark, please use Toothpaste or go to the dirty liquid cleaning, Doing not use sand soap or steel wire ball violences washes, To keep clean.

Hope you enjoyed that. My parents are taking it back to the states to place on display (or give as a gift to Josh (my brother))

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Leo and Jen said...

Made in what country? Somebody needs a little brush up course on their english.... or to give up entirely!