Friday, June 6, 2008

Great two nights

The last two nights have been truly fantastic. Thursday night we celebrated as 15 of our students walked across the platform to receive their diploma. That makes our schools graduates reach a grand total of 118 in our 15 years of existence. Tonight Noelle and I, along with our director and his wife were given tickets to the symphony by one of the parents at our school. We had some of the best seats in the whole concert hall. We were 16 rows from the conductor, dead center. Awesome!! We watched and listened to a Slovanian Composer and choral group join together with local youth (one of our students, thus why we received the tickets) and the orchestra was I believe mostly Singaporean. The performance was Lord of the Rings and although I was probably the only individual in the theater who had never seen Lord of the Rings, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Pray for us as we are super busy with packing up one house, checking out of school and moving in all in the next few days.

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Leo and Jen said...

I'm not sure we can continue being your friends if you have never watched the Lord of the RIngs! I think that's a sin or something. Sounds like a good time though! We know you are coming the 12th.... are we hanging out?