Sunday, May 25, 2008

Prayer for the week

Friends and Family,

One of our students flew out on Friday night, back to his home country of Bangledesh.
He was a tremendous young man with loads of analytical abilities and a heart to do what is right. He is of a different religious faith than the majority of our student body and this was a struggle. I think it was good for our Christian students to talk with someone who questioned them on their faith. This young man and I grew very close and it is sad to see that he is no longer with us. Please pray for him as he is back in his home country; that we in some way have shown him the love for Christ, and that in time he accepts God's Grace.

Pray also for Noelle and this week as we enter the final week of school before Finals. Noelle, being a middle school teacher actually doesn't give final exams, but this is still the last week of instruction as next week is party time and class bonding trips.

We look forward to coming back to the States on June 12th. We hope to see many of you.

In Him,

Sam for us


Leo and Jen said...

JUNE 12th!!!! Any chance we can venture up to see you?... or meet for dinner... we won't bring our dogs or mention them with any funny and awkward names! :)

Matt Andrea said...


Hang in there... summer's almost here! Well it is here for me, but soon for you too. Looking forward to seeing you!