Wednesday, November 19, 2008

School spirit Week

I hope to post some pictures here tomorrow. But this is school spirit week at school

Monday- mismatch
Tuesday- Preppy
Thursday- Blue and Gold (our school colors)
Friday- class theme (some PJ's, formal, winter, hip/hop

When I get a chance I will throw some pictures in here. So far it has been fabulous.

Pray for us as staff are turning in their letter of intent to stay for the coming school year or to go somewhere else. We already know about some of the positions that will need to be replaced next year.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

As of late

This past week has been enjoyable for Noelle and I. Last weekend we led 35 of our closest friends and co-workers to Telunas Beach, indonesia for a weekend of rest and relaxation. This was a great time for us to just sit and read, play some beach volleyball, and jump into the ocean. This week I finished a class on principles in counseling, which I thuroughly enjoyed.

This weekend
Friday we got together with a couple of families and had a wonderful Carbo-loaded dinner together as Saturday we competetd in a triathelon, don't worry, for those of you who know my swimming skills, I only did one third of the event, the biking. And the funny thing is, I only did one lap instead of two, and I was wondering why it was so easy :).

Then last night we had 14 8th graders over and Noelle talked with them about William Wilburforce, and then we watched the movie Amazing Grace. It was quite fun. What a great movie.