Saturday, July 26, 2008

Parents in Town

Some of you may know that my parents have come with us to Singapore this time back. They plan on being here for 12 days (they wish they could stay longer) and spending as much time with us as our schedule permits. This is a busy time of year for us, Noelle is trying to help out the new middle school principal with beginning of the year stuff, she is also needing to meet with her Bhangra team to practice for a big dance competition that have in Malaysia in one month. She is two months behind on preparation. I am working on helping new staff and faculty get comfortable in a new country and trying to get everything set up and ready for the coming school year as counselor. So far my parents have eaten with us in Little India and Chinatown and have spent an entire day wondering around Fort Canning Park and the National History Museum. It is great to have them here with us and are excited about their desiring to come back again sometime soon.

Please pray that Noelle and I are a good example to the people we meet in our new apartment complex. We want them to see the Love of Christ in our lives that their lives may change. To Him who is able to do, immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine.

In Him,

Sam for us

Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Place in Singapore

Friends and Family,

We have moved once again into a new place. Our good friends Wilson and Esther Phang have moved back to the states for a few years and we are taking over their flat (apartment). This place has a very western feel and we are soo excited to live on the 24th floor of Braddell View on Braddell Hill Road. Below are some pictures from the place. We are currently in the United States helping to advise new teachers with Network of International Christian School get adjusted and prepared for their ministry overseas, so we had one of my students, Mimi, take these pictures for us.

Guest Bedroom: Please come and visit! :)

This is our new car. We thank the Lord for the opportunity to buy a small car to help with the ministry opportunities we have. It is not cheap to have a car in Singapore and we are praying that we will use this car for God's glory so that the cost is justified by kids coming to know the Lord more.

Noelle's kitchen. These counters are our height :)

Our office part of our Office/Other Guest Bedroom

The Bed part of our office/Other guest bedroom

Master Bedroom. No bedframe yet.

The entertainment room. Seats 9 comfortably. Movies, video games, board games, music...the fun just keeps coming.

home to the future dining room.

Living Room. You can see the big windows and how much sunlight comes through. It is really great.

Front door with our IKEA chair.

Buffet just outside the Office/other guest bedroom and the kitchen.

Look at the height of those cabinets. Yeah!!!