Saturday, February 5, 2011

First day at his new home!

West came home to our apartment on Friday February 4th at 1pm.  He settled into his new bed and slept a lot. He had one visitor, Helen, who came by at 4 with some lovely roses for Noelle and greetings to West.  He was the typical eat, feed and pee kid until 9pm when his parents went to take an hour nap and Grandma and Grandpa got the experience of his first non meconium poop, his first poop since 4am that same day (Thanks mom and dad) :-D West slept well through the night and Noelle got up to feed him as needed.

Saturday February 5th was a day of visitors and adventure and no shortage of diaper changes.  He is starting to eat more and Noelle and I are grateful that he is able to eat for a longer period of time before falling asleep.

Here are some pictures from the last two days.

West's First Car Ride

Helen visits with West. West will surely now enter a life of politics. Too bad he can never run for president :(  Well, maybe that's not so bad.
 Grandpa West with little West. Doesn't Noelle look great?
 Like Grandfather like Grandson!
 West's first bath...he did not really enjoy this kitchen sink time.
 B-E-A-U-TIFUL eyes! We finally got to see them today
 West still not sure what to think after bath time.
 West strikes a pose
 And another one
 David and Ana taking care of our son
 West's first Hong Bao. Thanks Eilers
Aunt Alicia telling West about how James Naismith created the game of basketball. Next week comes the story of how Larry Brown helped Kansas University win the title in 88


Jenn said...

Doing a great job of keeping the cyber world updated! :-)

Kendralyn said...

West is unbelievably cute! The poses he makes reminds me of his father. Congratulations on an adorable baby boy!

Leo and Jen said...

Everyday will be a new adventure for next few years. I'm so happy for both of you!

Beatrice said...

West is adorable!!! Noelle is looking GREAT and I'm so happy for your beautiful family :)

Agustin said...

:) really happy for all of you! Hope to meet little West soon!

janis said...

Tears of total joy for Sam, Noelle and West. The Scott, Janis and Gordon Douglas family send heartfelt congratulations. Children are so special ... especially if they are 'your very own'.