Tuesday, August 17, 2010

16 Weeks

Well, we are four months into the pregnancy! : - )

For about the last week Noelle has been able to feel the baby move a little. She describes it like little bubbles popping in her stomach. I am not able to feel this and I am getting a little jealous.

But all in all we are just really excited about bringing this new one into our family. Our next appointment is in the first week of September. Please keep us in your prayers.

Sam for us


Leo and Jen said...

My friend here in Oregon who was pregnant took pictures every week of the pregnancy and put together a book of baby growth. It was pretty neat to see the changes. (Actually they took a picture every day... little obsessive but neat to watch.) Course you know Noelle... I could probably make my stomach look like that by breathing out myself. I'm so excited for the two of you... oh and Sam, you could probably feel something like a baby if you ate a whole bunch of "roughage"-- as Leo calls it. There would be lots of bubbles popping in there! No need to be jealous, you can save your jealousy for when Noelle is giving birth!

Leo and Jen said...

Hey I voted above and it's showing I'm 100% right. :)

Nicole's Adventures said...

YAY! Noelle, you're so cute!!! Thanks for the picture...keep them coming!

Leo and Jen said...

I just zoomed in on your belly button ring. Just thought I would share.