Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fleischmann Update

Six Years ago today Noelle and I were going to church as singles for the last time.  One week later, May 15th we were married. Since then we have experienced a many adventures together. Here is a recap of just a few things we have done since May 15th 2005

- Arrived in Singapore July 23rd 2005 (from May 15th-July 21 we were in Boise, Chicago, D.C., Baltimore, Vancouver, Salem, Oregon Coast, Anchorage, Nikiski, Vancouver, Memphis, Vancouver)
-Spent our first Thanksgiving together in Chiang Mai, Thailand
- We traveled with Sam's brother and friend to Banaue Rice Terraces in The Philippines, hiking for two weeks
- School Leadership Trip to Desaru, Malaysia

- Noelle's parents come over for spring break
- Sam started his masters degree
- Spent our first Anniversary at Taco Bell

- Our School moved campuses
- School Leadership trip to Telunas, Indonesia
- School leadership trip to Korea
- Sam spends summer in Cebu with Sports Ambassadors

- Moved from our first apartment into a small HDB near the new campus
- School Leadership trip to Telunas, Indonesia

- Sam's parents come to visit
- Sam completes Masters degree starts as school counselor
- Student Service Trip to China
- School Leadership trip to Telunas, Indonesia

- Sam's mom and sister come to visit. Vacation to Davao City
- Noelle completes her ACSI administration certificate program
- Noelle takes over as Middle School Principal
- Student Service Trip to Indonesia
- Noelle studies Indonesian for two weeks in Batam, Indonesia

- Trips with MS kids to an Indonesian school for service projects.
- Student Service Trip to Manila
- Noelle and Sam lead a trip during Spring Break to So Cal with 9 students

- West is born
- We accept an offer from Hong Kong International School to join their high school faculty: Sam takes a HS Counseling position
- Sam's brother, sister and parent's come to visit
- Noelle's parents come to visit

- Student Service Trip to Manila

May 15, 2005 Gene performs the ceremony with our siblings as the Maid of Honor and Best Man

Married!!!! The start of an adventure

Weeks before little West is born

The view from our new bedroom in Hong Kong. We move to Hong Kong in July

In leaving Singapore, we needed to take West to our favorite holiday resort: Telunas Beach. We strongly recommend everyone check it out.

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Nicole's Adventures said...

Wow, what an adventure! Seems so fast when written that way. I am so glad our paths crossed in Singapore. The view from your new place in HK looks awesome! Can't wait to come visit :) Yay for a final trip to Telunas (p.s. Noelle looks great!!)