Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Sam, Noelle and West were recently visited by Sam's sister Kim.  Kim came over for two weeks. During her time in Singapore she went around the town. She checked out the Raffles Hotel, Marina Bay Sands, Mustafa Center, Sentosa Island where she did the luge three times, Mac Ritchie Reservoir, Pasir Ris Park and much more. Then she joined Sam, Noelle and West on a quick trip to Penang, Malaysia.

This was an exciting time for West, as at 7 weeks old he made his first international trip...thus getting his first stamp in his passport.  B-)

While in Penang, we went to a Bakit craft shop and each made a handkerchief size swatch of of cotton in which we completed the Batik design.  

Today we weighed West and found that he has gained a lot of weight. In fact, at 7 weeks he is now in the 3-6 month clothing group.

Dad and West watching soccer together

 One of the outfits West received was this beautiful onesie with the Bunny on it. He is born in the calendar year of the Rabbit.
 West decides watching Dad watch soccer is just as much fun.
 West posing in one of his favorite locations...the changing table.  He usually smiles while getting his diaper (or nappy) changed
 West and Noelle dressed alike for church.
 West goes to church
 We all kind of dressed alike for church that sunday.
 West takes on the position Noelle has properly called "West on his human". This is West's favorite place to be and this time "his human" is Aunt Kimmie
 This picture is for Agustin.  Thanks for the shirt man.  West liked to play with the snakes head.
 Yesterday Aunt Kimmie styled West's hair...although it is not easy to see in this photo, I have a feeling I will see this hairstyle again at some point in West's life.
 This is Kim claiming she did not style his hair that way  :)
Once again, West has found "his human".


Jana Tan said...

what a beautiful family :-)

Iris said...

Hi there!
What a cute little baby boy!
Hope all is going well!
We often think of you, the Singapore espresso cups are frequently used! :-)

Iris and Andi with Malin and Lars