Saturday, February 26, 2011

West Update

West is now 25 days old. Yesterday, Noelle said "in a few days he will be a month old. 12 more months like this and he is a year old, this is going to go fast."  This reminds me of Ernie Thompson and his famous 72 inch ruler object lesson where Ernie showed how much time we have left on life given that 72 years of life is the average (although this has probably changed with technology and medicine).  Time does go by fast and we need to make the most of each day.  Every time I come home from work I look at West and I can tell each day that he looks different, older, heavier.  And in fact, he is heavier. When at birth he weighed 3.475 kg, now he is 4.5 kg.

He is sleeping two four hour stints each night, which is glorious as Noelle is able to get some good rest between feedings.  And now what you have been waiting for...more pictures  :)

Noelle putting West in the sling.
 Grandma West playing with West before she made the journey back to Alaska
 Nate pretending he is carrying West...but really its just a chicken puppet.
 Uncle Josh holding West for the first time.
 Josh and Riley with the lil guy
 Daddy sleeps while West listens to his irregular heartbeat :)
 Daddy and West nap time
 Immigration photo photoshoot
 Immigration photo photoshoot #2
 Uncle Jonathan and Nathan holding West poolside
 Auntie Kim holding West, Kim does a great job of calming him down when he is fussy
Cupcakes for Joy's birthday celebration. Thanks Fisher family


Leo and Jen said...

It is so amazing how much they do change. I am looking at my friends son who was born almost a year and a half ago, and it's so strange to see him walking and talking and identifying things. I keep thinking... where did that little baby go? How did he get to be so big and full of knowledge. Cherish each moment guys. I love you both.. and give the little lots of kisses from us!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! He's adorable! God bless. Sydney Roth Stoltzfus