Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Past Week and Coming Week

Noelle and I have had a pretty busy first month of school.

Last week was an exceptional time for the school. We invited two staff members from our sister school in Seoul to come and speak at our Middle/High School Spiritual Emphasis Week. they did an excellent job in helping our students remember that life is not about us, but rather is about God's Story. They also brought 5 students with them. This was a real treat as these 5 students led us in music and worship.

This current week has been busy, but it was only 3 days of work. Monday was Hari Raya (celebration of the end of Ramadan) and Friday the 25th Noelle and I lead 13 students and a guest speaker to Indonesia on a Leadership Retreat. Of the 13 students 6 are seniors and 10 are males. This brings to mind the fact that more than 2/3 of the high school students praying this morning for See You At the Pole were male. I am praying that the young men at our school continue to stand up and be spiritual leaders among their peers.

This next week is going to be pretty exciting too. Wednesday the 30th will be the ICS soccer team's 2 league game. We tied today 3-3. Thursday will be the High School's first Week Without Walls meeting. I am leading a team to the Philippines in April, Noelle will probably not be able to attend due to Middle School Principal Responsibilities. Friday will be the High School's first annual ICS Career Day. 8 Professionals will come and share about real life work experiences and our students will have a chance to ask all sorts of important questions.

Saturday I will lead the new staff at ICS in a group discussion to discuss some of the transition issues affecting them through their move to Singapore.

Busyness seems to be commonplace these days for Noelle and I. Please pray for us and our school.

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