Wednesday, February 4, 2009

International Night

I have just returned from a trip to California. I was visiting California Lutheran University as their guest. Cal Lu is attempting to increase their enrollment of international students and overall quality of students and brought me and 25 other school counselors to campus in order for us to get a better feel of the campus. it was a great trip, not just because I was able to meet with representatives from Cal Lu, but also because I was able to get to California 4 days before the Conference at meet with four alumni from ICS. David at Point Loma, Hannah at Azusa Pacific and Sarah at USC.

Upon return I have found much work waiting for me. Noelle is also very busy with International Night, which takes place Friday night the 6th of February. Noelle is the teacher liaison with the Parent Teacher Fellowship in developing the International Night Program. She is very busy and has much work to accomplish today at school.

International Night is a time for our school community to come together and celebrate the diversity of cultures represented on our campus. We have 390 students (this # fluctuates daily) and approximately 25 different nationalities represented (primarily US, S. Korean, Indonesian, Singaporean). We eat finger foods , we watch performances and we play games from these and other countries and year after year it is an exciting time. This year we are doing it completely different, think of those makeover shows on TLC, that is what we are doing with Intl. Night. However, one thing that is not different is Noelle's involvement in the cultural performance segment of the show. For the third straight year Noelle will be performing Bhangra with her dance group. This energetic dance will surely bring much cheering from the audience.

Pray for us in this busy time of the year. After International night on Friday Noelle and I need to be at the school by 6:30 AM Saturday morning the 7th in order to administer the ACT for college bound Singaporeans.


Leo and Jen said...

We want to see a video of Bhangra so we can hoot and holler too!

hotel123 said...

Hey, buddy! Cool beans! This is Kazimier Lim! I agree with "Leo and Jen". Upload the video of the Bhangra Dance!